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For long term healthy skin and a glowing complexion why settle for an ordinary facial when you can have a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is so much more than just another facial it’s an experience and a confidence booster. It focuses on the unique philosophy of “Skin Health for Life” It’s also about much more than great looking, healthy skin. When our skin looks and feels good, we feel good too. That’s the difference you get with a HydraFacial. For the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing experience that rejuvenates your skin to leave you glowing and feeling ready to face life face first then please book in with Simpler Skin for your HydraFacial.

HydraFacial is designed to treat dry, dull, tired looking skin, ageing, acne prone skin and pigmentation such as age spots caused by sun damage. 

HydraFacial uses award winning advanced, patented vortex-fusion technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively deliver botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc, and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. In addition, HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun damage and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

The treatment reveals glowing, refreshed and radiant skin with immediate lasting results that improve your skin health over time.

The six steps of HydraFacial include:

1. Detox

– A specially formulated lymphatic drainage technique helps to increase circulation of the lymph system and helps to eliminate toxins.

2. Cleanse & Exfoliation

– Up to 3 layers of dead skin cells and impurities are gently lifted to uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing botanical cleansers and glucosamine are pushed into the skin to clean out pores and soften impurities and start the hydration process.

3. Peel

– A brightening agent combining of Glycolic and Salicylic acid is used to soften any blockages and minimise congestion in pores.

4. Extract

– We gently extract any blackheads and sebum deposits in the pores using antibacterial honey extract and salicylic acid targeting the T-zone and any particularly congested areas on the face. Leaving you with smooth clean skin ready for hydration.

5. Hydration

– The skin is then saturated with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid which protects it, giving it the vital nourishment it needs and keeping it hydrated. This also plumps up wrinkles reducing their appearance.

6. Rejuvenation

– Finish your treatment with LED phototherapy for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. Using either red, near infrared or blue light or a combination of the 3 LED light therapies to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen, supporting the natural production of vitamin D.

HydraFacial is a suitable treatment for every skin type and can address specific skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, skin lacking in elasticity and firmness, skin lacking in tone evenness and vibrancy, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation and sun damage as well as oily and congested skin, enlarged pores and acne scarring.

The treatment is painless, comfortable and our clients have often expressed how refreshed their skin feels after the treatment. Some elements of the HydraFacial treatment are relaxing but effective in rebuilding and restoring the health of your skin, giving you immediate and visible results.

You will experience visible results after just 1 treatment with HydraFacial, although a course of treatments is recommended for optimum and lasting results.

You will continue to feel the benefit of your HydraFacial up to 7-10 days post treatment and your skin will become progressively better after each treatment.

Your practitioner will advise you on how to look after your skin after treatment. Help protect your skin by wearing a factor 50+ sunscreen daily. We recommend Heliocare 360 gel oil-free or Heliocare 360 Fluid cream. HydraFacial has a fantastic range of home care products called the daily essentials range. This range of products helps maximise the results of the treatment. Each product contains the same ingredients as used during your HydraFacial, this means you can continue to hydrate and nourish your skin between ongoing regular treatments.

HydraFacial Express can be administered in as little as 30 minutes, so is a perfect ‘lunchtime’ or ‘pick me up’ treatment.

The popular extended HydraFacial 6 step Skin Health for Life treatment takes 60 minutes.

For specific skin protocols including the acne Glysal peel treatment, Britenol pigmentation treatment, DermaBuilder ageing skin treatment protocols please expect to add additional time to your visit.

HydraFacial is completely safe, our practitioners go through thorough and ongoing training in order to deliver the HydraFacial safely and effectively to you.

Side effects are minimal but you may see some peeling after a few days if you have had an advanced treatment. This is completely normal and is a sign that the treatment is working. Your practitioner will talk through any downtime during your consultation.

Yes, this is one of our most popular treatments amongst our male clients who tend to like treatments which give consistent results with no downtime and they can see a difference instantly.

Acne is one of our most common skin problems we see at Simpler Skin. HydraFacial has a specific treatment designed to treat acne which follows the same six step process as the Skin Health for Life and includes an additional step; an acne Glysal peel which will regulate oil levels caused by excessive sebum followed by the Dermalux blue LED light therapy which kills acne causing p-bacteria.

HydraFacial is most often used on the face, but it can be used on other areas of the skin, including the back of the neck, chest and hands.

The HydraFacial Express starts from £99 and the full HydraFacial from £120, The HydraFacial Perk Lip/Eye treatments start at £45 and include a take home serum that lasts up to 28 days. Discounts are available on courses booked and bundles of the HydraFacial and HydraFacial Perk treatments. We also offer payment plans using Go Cardless to help spread the cost of Monthly or courses of HydraFacial treatments. Each payment plan can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Treatment menu

Your skin isn’t like everyone else’s. So, your treatment shouldn’t be either.

HydraFacial can be tailored to safely and effectively address specific skin concerns. Using targeted protocols developed to help mitigate some of the most universal skin concerns at Simpler Skin we will tailor your treatment to make it most exacting to your unique needs. 

The HydraFacial Express treatment £79

The HydraFacial core treatment or HydraFacial Express consists of a 4 stage process and takes around 30 minutes, it is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It detoxifies the skin, removes up to 3 layers of dead skin cells, extracts any debris and provides long lasting hydration and essential nutrient support to protect and rebuilds collagen levels.

The HydraFacial ‘Skin Health for Life’ treatment £109

 For those of you with a little more time, the HydraFacial Skin Health for Life extended treatment is very popular and adds an additional 2 steps that top and tail your HydraFacial core treatment with the detox and rejuvenation giving you a natural, glowing complexion that looks as good as you feel.  

HydraFacial Perk Eye treatment £45

Energise your eyes! The HydraFacial Perk Eye is a fast, refreshing way to hydrate and brighten your eyes, leaving you refreshed and renewed.

The first signs of ageing appear around the eyes where skin is more prone to dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. The eye area also shows signs of stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. The HydraFacial Perk Eye treatment refreshes with key ingredients horse chestnut seed extract and arnica flower extract – leaving this delicate area toned, firmed, and hydrated.

-Simply takes 10 minutes
-Uses patented, roller-flex technology to brighten and hydrate the eye area
-Provides immediate and long lasting results
-Includes an in-clinic treatment and a take-home serum for daily applications that lasts up to 28 days

HydraFacial Perk Lip treatment £45

Loving your lips! The HydraFacial Perk Lip is a refreshing treatment that exfoliates, hydrates and plumps your lips for the perfect pout.

The skin on your lips is different than the rest of your body – it’s more prone to dehydration.

The HydraFacial Perk Lip treatment revitalises with key ingredients like peppermint oil and peony extract- leaving your lips refreshed and hydrated.

-Simply takes 10 minutes
-Uses patented, roller-flex technology to brighten and hydrate the eye area
-Provides immediate and long lasting results
-Includes an in-clinic treatment and a take-home serum for daily applications that lasts up to 28 days

In addition to the HydraFacial Express and popular Skin Health for Life treatment, HydraFacial Perk Lip and HydraFacial Perk Eye we also offer the following treatment protocols: pigmentation reduction with Britenol, acne and congested skin Glysal peel treatment, anti-aging treatment with Dermabuilder. Prices for these treatments are available upon consultation as they are tailored to your specific skin requirement.

Gift vouchers

It’s a lovely gift to give or to receive a HydraFacial treatment. Contact us for more information about our vouchers, bundle offers and referral rewards.

Consultation procedure

Its easy…call 01902 471 712 or send us a request via our website ‘book a consultation form’ to arrange your free no obligation consultation with an experienced practitioner to examine and discuss your treatment.

During consultation:

-We will assess your skin and recommend the best HydraFacial treatment for you.

-Explain the procedure, likely outcome and cost.

-Go through your past medical history, so we have a thorough understanding and can advise accordingly and check suitability for treatment.

-Answer any questions you have regarding the treatment.

Providing you are suitable for treatment we will perform the HydraFacial straight after your consultation. At simpler Skin we perform hundreds of HydraFacial treatments every year so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Make life simple with Simpler Skin!


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