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Laser treatments

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About us

Having experienced the rigmarole of using various methods sometimes painful, often abrasive, always inconvenient and mostly short term solutions to getting rid of that stubborn unwanted hair – Laser hair removal was a game changer for us! We wanted to offer other people the same experience and results we achieved ourselves. 

After having laser hair removal ourselves we know what a difference it can make. We can relate to those times where you shave your legs expecting to get results like you see in the adverts yet your legs still feel like sandpaper. The times when your patiently waiting weeks before you are ready for a wax, wincing at the thought of the lady tackling your lip hair with a piece of cotton when threading and also sneakily plucking out those unruly chin hairs when the other half isn’t looking. Yes we have been there and there is no shame in admitting this. We represent the voice of the customer having ourselves arrived at the best solution for unwanted hair through trial and error and education and training.

Whilst we both have very different career backgrounds we decided that we wanted to understand more about laser treatments specifically. We began our journey by completing the Laser Core of Knowledge and Advanced Skin Laser Applications courses with Lynton Laser training academy accredited by the University of Manchester. We have pursued further qualifications and accreditation’s specifically around cosmetic and laser treatments.

The latest technology

We are proud to be amongst the first in the UK to offer treatments using the brand new Motus AY laser. This is the first and only pain free laser that combines 2 gold standard lasers the Alexandrite and the Nd YAG. This technology allows us us to treat all complexions with the best possible results available in the market place today. We are also able to offer treatments around skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, thread veins and fungal nail treatments.

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