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Thank you for taking time to visit our website, we are proud to introduce you to Simpler Skin – our laser treatment room based in the warm and welcoming city of Wolverhampton.

What we want to offer you is simple, we want you to walk away with the best results, using the best technology and most importantly feeling your best – confident and comfortable in your own skin. We look forward to seeing you.

How is it pain free?

We are proud to be amongst the first in the UK to offer treatments using the brand new Motus AY laser. This is the first and only pain free laser that combines 2 gold standard lasers the Alexandrite and the Nd YAG. This technology allows us us to treat all complexions with the best possible results available in the market place today. We are also able to offer treatments around skin pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, thread veins and fungal nail treatments.

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Click the video below for a more detailed look at what happens when you visit a laser clinic.

What our customers say

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Our blog is coming soon, it will be a place for news, views, advice and special offers. Watch this space.

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